T4A DAB+ / FM tuner

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DAB+/FM tuner with DS from Keystone Semi

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T4A tuner from Keystone Semi. This one  is pin to pin compatible with the previous T3 tuner, but the command list is different.

YOU NEED ALSO AN INTERFACE FOR THE 3,3V and 1,2V POWER SUPPLY (that you can build of course yourself)

This tuner does have the Data Service option (for MOT-data).

(Some people have ask for the T4B tuner, but I don’t have the T4B tuner. The T4B has more pins and is not compatible with the T4A).

It is a slave-version so it must be controlled with the help of an µcontroller.

It has dataservice  on board so one can receive slideshows from radiostations.

But one need a TFT LCD, SD-card and a very fast processor (Teensy4.0)!

There is developed a new pcb for this tuner that provides the 3,3V and 1,2V for the tuner (from 5V).

There is example software available for the UNO and also for the Teensy4.0.

When ordering this tuner, and only then, you receive a complete documentation set. for using this tuner.

Ook kan u beschikken over een werkend demo programma voor de Arduino/Genuino UNO.

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