When people know that you Repair electronics, you sometimes get the question : ‘could you look at it, it doesn’t work anymore’. One time I received a motor of an electric bike, it didn’t work anymore.

When opening the motor there was an unexpected surprise:


This wheel had clearly suffered from water, there was even more leaked water.
Is it still worth it to repair this ? Overviewing the hours and material spend on this project, perhaps no. Let’s just call this a ‘challenge’.
After so many hours with ultrasonic cleaning and using proper products for electronics as well as the needed engine cleaning work itself (remove rust, metal polishing and conserve), this was the result:


This is not a new electronics board or new engine!

However, there was apparently during brushing a part coming loose and gone, but this part , thanks to a picture on the internet, I have found a new part to replace the lost one.
Now, a further layer of protective varnish on it and the wheel can be used again.