Emails are not received by some clients.

It turns out that some customers don’t receive my emails with information around the DAB project. Others have no problem.
I always send, after ordering a DAB tuner and possibly parts, the necessary information that is needed for the project.
If you have done an order, but after a few days have received no email from me, look in your spam folder or  contact me asap via

Newer, improved DAB+ program for Arduino.

At this moment, there are a lot of people who has bought the T3B tuner.

But it seems that the V2.2 version of the software is not that stable. The program seems to block regularly

I myself, in the meantime, was testing with a different version of software. This for reasons of usign a 4 x 40 lcd and of the use of a rotary decoder. Peculiar is that the ‘hanging’problem do not arise here. However this software is not for use with the hardware configuration of v2.2.

To make V2.2 flawless, I have redesigned the handling of serial data send by the tuner. So there is a newer version of this software available.

For the people, which previously have bought a tuner and have interest in this newer version of the program, please contact me:


DAB+ omni-directionele antenne

DAB+ outdoor antenna.

Since a few weeks there is an outdoor antenna placed to improve the DAB + reception here in Merksplas. My DAB + tuner is in the basement, there is a window, but  there was a problem receiving DAB + channels. The antenna had to be placed near the window, and even then, only VRT-channels were received, only when the weather was good. In case of rain, fog, … fell regularly the receipt away.

The new antenna is a Wittenberg WB301. Between the antenna and the tuner there is some 15m 50Ohm RF-cable. Now the reception of the VRT channels is max. Also other Belgian channels as well as Dutch channels have a good or very good reception.

Although this is called a unidirectional antenna, it turns out that by turning the antenna to the broadcast antenna, the receiving level improves.

General Data Protection Regulation

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