Newer, improved DAB+ program for Arduino.

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At this moment, there are a lot of people who has bought the T3B tuner.

But it seems that the V2.2 version of the software is not that stable. The program seems to block regularly

I myself, in the meantime, was testing with a different version of software. This for reasons of usign a 4 x 40 lcd and of the use of a rotary decoder. Peculiar is that the ‘hanging’problem do not arise here. However this software is not for use with the hardware configuration of v2.2.

To make V2.2 flawless, I have redesigned the handling of serial data send by the tuner. So there is a newer version of this software available.

For the people, which previously have bought a tuner and have interest in this newer version of the program, please contact me: info@excitron.be