Dear Customer,

Because there is a lot of interest from people outside Belgium in the DAB+ tuner, this page is created.

You also can buy the tuner or the whole set.

When you buy the tuner, you receive a datasheet of the tuner.  It is in Dutch but it full with technical information. Other customers in Europe have already ordered this tuner and used this datasheet. Of course is any information is confusion we will help you.

Because of legal issues, we can not provide the orginal datasheet. However I have the permission for sharing the dutch version with you.

With the tuner, you receive a document with all the commands that you need to control the tuner.

There is also a testprogram for the Arduino/Genuino Uno.

You can choose for sending the goods to you without tracking information. It is cheaper but then there is no possible way to trace the package when it was lost.

When your country is not in the list, please send us an email : info@excitron.be.