Excitron is already more thanĀ  20 years for

  • Repairs of various electronic devices
  • Simple pcb design
  • Simple electronic circuit design for school application
  • Electronics parts
  • DAB + tuner
  • Maintenance of ESPRO timer (for equestrian sports)

Excitron was founded as a result of a question from equestrian for the development of a countdown clock. Soon there was a question for a timer for the same equestrian sport.

The name Excitron originated from the private interest to old radios and other old electrical and electronic devices.
Certainly the older devices still have tubes instead of semiconductors. In an old tubebook, I came across the term EXCITRON, a special rectifier tube that is seen as a forerunner of the thyristor. They were used, among other things, in electric locomotives.

Also excitron stands for the ‘exciting world of electronics’.